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COVID-19 Testing: Drive-Thru Open in May!

We offer PCR COVID-19 testing by appointment only through our drive thru, weekdays (M-F) from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM at our Roswell Rd. location (5009 Roswell Road, Sandy Spring, GA 30342.  Standard test results are provide within 24-36 hours and STAT results in 12 hours. Click "Schedule A Test" below to get started.  If you have already been tested, click View Your Results to see your test results.


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ATTENTION physicians and healthcare providers, LifeHope Labs does not authorize any third party to post or to sell our products online or anywhere.

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We respectfully ask that you report any misrepresentation or fraudulent use of our name, image, or products at or 888.878.9864.

LifeHope Labs mission is to enable its customers by providing innovative technologies and best of laboratory practices - with industry leading regulatory compliance.

Whether you're ensuring the compliance of a pain management patient or that of a drug offender, a comprehensive drug-testing program is the single most important facet you can implement to protect yourself and those you serve. With our solutions, implementation of advanced on-site testing is possible without a large investment of space or resources. We work directly with you to customize a testing program that's just right for you and your needs.

LifeHope Labs also offers genetic testing which provides the physician with patient-specific information in order to tailor prescriptions based on patient drug compatibility and dosage. This allows the physician to minimize adverse reactions,identify genetic variations responsible for abnormal drug metabolism and provide a more effective drug regimen.

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