QuikLIMSTM is a control and management system for analysis laboratories that provides selective testing for customer samples. QuikLIMSTM embraces the entire scope of testing from order entry, through sample tracking, processing, analysis, and certification of results to the ultimate delivery of reports and data to the requesting party. QuikLIMSTM is cost effective for small laboratories but scalable and proven in large high volume laboratories handling in excess of 200,000 specimens per month.



  • Sophisticated Order Entry screen includes patient demographics, current and previous medications, order history, and configurable test menu
  • Medication database for providing brand, generic, and pharmaceutical names for patient medications
  • Bar-code printing from entered orders
  • Automatic or manual assignment of sample numbers
  • Specimen type selections include Urine, Oral Fluids, Blood, and Buccal Swabs
  • Identification of collector, health provider, and ordering physician
  • Direct entry of instant cup results


  • Approval workflow for test certifications by qualified personnel, including the final signature of lab director before releasing reports
  • Report delivery to physician can utilize EHRs, LifeHope Labs fax gateway service with accommodation for customer work hours, and email notification for pulling reports over a secure web connection
  • Chain of custody reporting provisions for criminal justice use


  • Sophisticated workflows for any lab, from specimen collection through final reporting
  • Configurable test menus, test parameters, panel composition, and automated reflexing logic for confirmatory testing
  • Standard batching provides grouping of specimens based on selection by lab personnel
  • Specialty batching provides grouping of specimens by test type.
  • Automated Quality Control calibration and control value capture - provides tracking of reagent lots, graphical analysis using Levi-Jennings charts, and explanation of discarded outlier values
  • Automated checks for medication and test consistency


  • Interfaces available for a wide variety of laboratory instruments including Immuno-Assay, LCMS, General Chemistry, and Hematology analyzers
  • Integration with any EHR to deliver discrete results and high quality embedded report using HL-7 protocol
  • Proven in laboratories nation-wide, with volumes of 20 to 200,000 specimens per month
  • Cloud based for minimum capital expense, internal IT support, and total cost of ownership
  • Support for physician's laboratories includes electronic order submission and transfer of results to confirmation lab service
  • Integrated with QuikDocs for retrieving relevant archived documents that were scanned and tagged
  • Random drug test calendar and colored groupings available for use in the criminal justice environment
  • Support for large laboratories with multiple accounts and allowing independent patient lists in each
  • Audit logs record every action and user that modifies operational and configuration data
  • Complete integration with QuikClaimTM, LifeHope Labs total billing solution