Precision Med Management


QuikMedsTM is LifeHope Labs contribution to the precision medicine market. Recording patient genetic results and comparing them to relevant and clinically proven statements, QuikMedsTM provides easy to read reports for physicians' use. The findings in QuikMedsTM delivered report provide valuable information that allows the physician to tailor a patient's medications to fit their individual metabolic profile.


  • Storage of patient genetic test results for clinically significant alleles
  • Determine effectivity of patient's current medications based on known pharmacogenetic evidence
  • Provides risk assessment for medically significant findings
  • Aids in precision prescription of medication based on patient's genetic profile
  • Leverages LifeHope Labs QuikFindingsTM statement engine for the generation of multi-factored patient test results
  • QuikFindingsTM statement engine delivers precise effects based on clinical evidence of factors that include: genetic mutations in combination, medications, gender, age and, lifestyle (e.g. smoking, alcohol consumption, active vs. sedentary, etc.)
  • Delivers precision report with actionable facts for physician's use in diagnostics and treatment
  • Provides guidance for the elimination of serious or fatal combinations and dosing of medications based on an individual patient's effective genetically determined metabolism
  • Specialty reports provide known genetic findings for medications commonly used in physician's area of interest including: Cardiology, Neurology, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psychiatry, and Pain Management
  • Web services interface for use by other applications and third-party systems such as pharmaceutical evaluation and, enhancement of healthcare provider reports